Forty Years of Equine Consulting

We represent our clients at all the major sales in North America and Europe.

Yearling and 2 yr old sales

We biomechanically measure and evaluate yearlings and 2 yr olds, and generate a grade report for each horse that identifies soundness (the potential number of lifetime starts capability), preferred track surface, mechanical distance and range, optimum racing weight and racing class. We identify the horses that have the mechanical ability to be an elite performer.

Breeding stock sales

We identify broodmares who will make prime breeding stock for producing an elite racehorse. We perform a 15 point biomechanical evaluation of the broodmare to ascertain her general combining ability or her probability of reproducing champion-like traits. We also run a GDT on each prospect to see if her family has the consistency necessary to reproduce predictably.

Breeding Stock Services

We have a Multi-step Mating system that enhances standard pedigree matings by using sophisticated computer programs that identify and select biomechanically compatible individuals.

  1. Mare measurement: We measure the mare and enter her into the database of over 112,000 individuals. A grade is generated indicating her class, racing, and/or reproductive ability.
  2. Mare search: We run a report for all horses measured in the mare’s pedigree which identifies what positive characteristics the family is producing.
  3. Mare Criteria worksheet: We set size criteria by inches for a number of measurements to enhance those positive characteristics we want to reproduce. The computer then generates a list of sires biomechanically compatible with the mare based on this worksheet.
  4. Sires Sums program: This report evaluates the success and quality of a sire based on measured foal crops and the percentage of A+, and A+ to B+ offspring. His statistics are compared to the most successful sires in the industry. The sums program also identifies a sire’s most dominant reproductive size which is then used for a particular mating.
  5. GDT (Genetic Dominance Tree) Report: This patented report identifies family consistency and phenotypes. When used with the mating system it produces a color-coded pedigree that helps to eliminate incompatible matings by identifying consistent, strong, phenotypes or alternatively, weaknesses or inconsistency in a family. The “color” of a horse, sire or dam, indicates its size, and the color above the horse indicates the dominant size it produces.

Stallion Evaluation

By performing a 15 point bio-mechanical analysis, we can ascertain a stallion's general combining ability. These measurements reveal whether he will cross well with a large portion of the broodmare population, thus having a greater probability of success. By breeding these stallions to mares with similar positive characteristics, the likelihood of producing stakes winner’s increases significantly. We also run a GDT to determine consistency in the immediate family.

Sires Progeny Analysis

Our database contains over 5,000 stallions. By measuring their offspring year after year, we can determine which stallions are the most successful with our SIRE STATS REPORT, which identifies the percentage of A+ and A+ to B+ foals, average offspring conformation, and the percentage of stakes horses a stallion produces. Before a stallion’s progeny hit the racetrack, we know if they have the biomechanical requisites necessary to be top racehorses. This gives our clients the advantage of purchasing shares or seasons of a sire while his price is still low.

There are many agents in the industry that can select a horse for you. But no matter how astute or experienced they are, their visual analysis cannot equal the information gained by physically measuring and scientifically evaluating a horse. Forty years of experience, a unique database and a phenomenal track record are at your disposal. Let Cecil Seaman & Co. measure your success, one horse at a time.