Mother and baby horse running through a fenced pasture

Multi-Step Mating for Thoroughbred Breeding

A specialized mating system that enhances standard pedigree matings by using sophisticated computer programs that identify and select biomechanically compatible individuals.

  1. Mare Measurement:
    We measure the mare and enter her into the database of over 100,000 individuals. A grade is generated indicating her class, racing, and/or reproductive ability.
  2. Mare Search:
    We run a report for all horses measured in the mare’s pedigree which identifies what positive characteristics the family is producing.
  3. Mare Criteria Worksheet:
    We set size criteria by inches for a number of measurements to enhance those positive characteristics we want to reproduce. The computer then generates a list of sires biomechanically compatible with the mare based on this worksheet.
  4. Sires Sums Program:
    This report evaluates the success and quality of a sire based on measured foal crops and the percentage of A+, and A+ to B+ offspring. His statistics are compared to the most successful sires in the industry. The sums program also identifies a sire’s most dominant reproductive size which is then used for a particular mating.
  5. GDT (Genetic Dominance Tree) Report:
    This patented report identifies family consistency and phenotypes. When used with the mating system it produces a color-coded pedigree that helps to eliminate incompatible matings by identifying consistent, strong, phenotypes or alternatively, weaknesses or inconsistency in a family. The “color” of a horse, sire or dam, indicates its size, and the color above the horse indicates the dominant size it produces. Learn More 

There are many agents in the industry that can select a horse for you. But no matter how astute or experienced they are, their visual analysis cannot equal the information gained by physically measuring and scientifically evaluating a horse. Forty years of experience, a unique database and a phenomenal track record are at your disposal. Let Cecil Seaman & Co. measure your success, one horse at a time.